Axminster Heritage survey to document the town's 20th century 'waves of growth'

Our objective is to create a reliable record of when houses and flats in Axminster were built and occupied, particularly those which have been built since 1900; and we'd like your help to achieve this. Thank you for whatever information you are happy to share.

* 1. What is your home postcode?

* 2. What is the number or name of your house (or flat)?

* 3. What is your best estimate for the YEAR when you house (or flat) was FIRST OCCUPIED, by anyone, not just by you?

* 4. Please indicate how FIRM the estimate given in answer to Q3 is:

* 5. What sort of development was your house (or flat) when originally built?

* 6. Was you house (or flat) built as part of a larger development scheme?

* 7. Please give the name of the BUILDER / DEVELOPER who built it, if you know.

* 8. Please give the ORIGINAL purchase price (i.e. the price when the house was originally built) if you know it. (If you don't know, just leave the box blank.)

* 9. Please indicate the main SOURCE of the answers that you have given above: