This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. The more answers you can give - the better idea we'll have of what you might be sitting on - but do skip any questions you aren't sure about or feel aren't relevant. All information you provide will be treated confidentially - ie not shared with anyone beyond Back of the Sofa - and anything we find is all yours (this is a free service). NB Before you start, it would be a good idea for you to be in the same room as the bills for your running costs! If in any doubt, call free on 0808 1645 808 for friendly, honest advice.

* 1. Is the organisation you represent registered for/with any of the following? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Do you ever receive cash donations under £20?

* 4. If you are making Class 1 National Insurance payments as an employer, do you claim any Employment Allowance from HMRC?

* 5. Is your organisation responsible for paying the bills for any building/s?

33% of survey complete.