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Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG) is reviewing what is provided to people who may need mental health support from dedicated rehabilitation services that assist people in returning to the community after a long stay hospital admission.


The reason for this review is that the CCG wants to make sure that it offers the best and most effective support to people who need intensive support (perhaps after a long stay hospital admission). The CCG is also legally required to review the existing contracts with the providers to ensure they are still meeting the needs of people and to make sure they are getting value for money.


After the review, the CCG will put plans in action to make sure that there is a consistent approach to mental health rehabilitation across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire that provides the best support for service users in their recovery.


Some of the existing services that provide this type of support include: Alder Ward at Callington Road Hospital, Bristol Community Rehabilitation Service and Wellbridge House, Elmham Way in Worle, and Whittucks Road in Hanham.


BNSSG CCG are committed to ensuring that the views of people with lived experience of mental health and carers are heard as part of this work. The CCG wants to work with and hear from people who:

·         Are currently in these services

·         Have previously used these services within the last two years

·         Are using, or have used other types of ‘rehab’ services

·         Could have benefitted from a different intervention

·         Are close family members/friends/carers of people using or past users of rehab services


All responses will be treated with the highest confidentiality, with only summary data being used in the report that an individual would not be identifiable from. Please respond to this questionnaire by Thursday 4th April 2019.

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* 2. Which rehabilitation service or services have you used? (Don’t worry if you aren’t sure of the name)

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* 3. In which area did you access support?

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