About the Survey

At CBSA, we aim to give people who use our projects a say in designing and delivering them to make sure they provide the support they need. We now have the opportunity to apply for a grant that will help working families/ households having one or more children and are struggling to make ends meet because of low incomes.  To help us do this, we need to learn about the issues that affect the families/ households concerned and find out what can be done to help them.  Please spend a few minutes to complete this survey.  Your respones will be kept confidenial and will not be shared with anyone (we do not ask you to identify yourself if you don't want to).

* 1. Are you:

* 2. How many children under the age age of 18 live in your household?

* 3. How many children are

* 4. How many people in your household have a paid job?

* 5. Does your income, including any benefits you recieve, allow you to do the following?

* 6. What are the main obstacles to you increasing the amount of paid work done by your household members? This could be through increasing hours or getting a job.

* 7. What support would you like to see in place to help you overcome these obstacles?

* 8. What other support would you like to see from a project that could help you make ends meet with the income you receive?

* 9. Please tick any of the following statements if your answer is yes.

* 10. If yes, please use the comment box below to give us your contact details.
Alternatively, you can call us on 01554 779910 or email us at info@cbsa.org.uk.

Once again, thank you very much for taking your time to complete this survey, your responses will be very important.  If you have any additional comments and/ or suggestions please get in touch, we would love to hear your point of view.