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Private Practice survey

If you are like me, you love being able to help your therapy clients. And sometimes with clients our focus, we can forget our self-care. I provide business coaching and support to therapists like you so that your private practice can flourish. And I am interested in the areas you might like support with.

Please complete all the questions that you are able to, thank you.


Abundant Therapy Coaching

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* 1. Are you in Private Practice at the moment?

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* 2. If yes, how long have you been in Private Practice (PP)

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* 3. In your PP, what do you struggle with most?

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* 4. How confident are you that you are GDPR (Data Protection) compliant?

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* 5. Are you confident you have all your business priorities in place? (with 10 being very confident)

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 6. How confident are you in producing records for your tax return?

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* 7. How do you like to learn?

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* 8. If one thing was taught about Private Practice, what would it be?

As a thank you for completing my survey, I offer you my free video and download, The 3 biggest therapy payment mistakes and how to avoid them.

You can download them from my website here

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