Across Sussex and East Surrey, we want to keep making our services better for people with bone and joint (Musculoskeletal – MSK) conditions (arthritis, etc.) and make sure that people can more easily access the information, support and services they need in a way that works for them and helps people to feel supported.

What we know from patients and the medical evidence is that these “initial MSK services” need to  help with

·         Getting you quick access to the best advice, support and information to help you manage with your condition
·         Giving you appropriate support to make the best decision about your treatment in the context of your health needs.
·         Positive outcomes through improving people’s symptoms through non-surgical treatment options; 

The NHS has promised to make changes to improve services for patients over the next few years in the NHS Long Term Plan. One of these is making sure everyone can access a “First Contact Practitioner (FCP)” This means that instead of seeing your GP as your “first contact” when you start having an “MSK” type problem, you will see someone like a senior physiotherapist from the start who can listen, examine, advise, diagnose and order tests if needed. A physiotherapist can also help you physically in managing things while you have the condition, including treatments, exercises, managing your pain etc.

We are keen to seek your views on this new role and help us shape the future service.  Please help us by completing this online survey.

This survey will close on Friday 16th August at 5pm.

You can also write to us with your feedback at:
Engagement Team
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