We've set youth engagement as one of our priorities for the coming year and have created a specific funding 'pot' to support this. We are defining youth as those aged 12-19. 

We're looking for your feedback and ideas to help guide our direction and decisions. We definitely want the views of 12-19 years olds. If you have sons and daughters and other family between these ages, please encourage them to share their views through this survey.  If you're between these ages, please ask your parents or guardians permission to take part in the survey.  

We’ve created this  short online survey to capture your feedback.

Your feedback is confidential and we’ll merge all the responses together anonymously. By completing this survey you agree that we will process your data in line with our privacy policy, a copy of which can be found here. Please note that we don't ask for any personal data of anyone under 18. Be assured that as a public body we will never use your feedback to sell or market anything to you or pass on your details to any third party.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input on this important topic.
Broughton & Milton Keynes Parish Council