Every year since 2001, we've asked the UK's finance directors and financial decision makers to rate their satisfaction with key service providers. 

In 2019, the survey attracted over 1,800 responses, making it the definitive analysis of how well UK businesses are being served. 

The survey results (average scores for accounting firms, banks, technology providers and other suppliers and advisers) will determine the winners to be announced in an article in September.

This survey should only take five to ten minutes to complete. Please be open and honest - it's entirely confidential and most of the questions are simple rankings of your satisfaction about a particular aspect of a supplier. 

We need your email address to verify your submission, but no-one outside the survey collator will ever see how you personally have rated your suppliers. Your responses will be used for marketing purposes but will never be attributed to your name or company name. Please note that we can only accept one completed survey per company. 

The survey is open until 31st July.