1. Introduction

What is the survey about?

This survey is to find out about your experiences of receiving healthcare. We are interested in your experiences as you are a member of a Black or other minority ethnic community in Manchester. Your feedback may be used to help develop and improve NHS services.


1. Please complete the survey only if you have received healthcare (that is, visited a General Practice, a dental practice, a hospital or a community health clinic) within the last 12 months.

Please choose an experience which stands out in your memory and answer all the questions in relation to this one experience only. The experience you choose can be either good or bad.

2. Your answers will be treated in confidence

3. If you select the Other option, please explain your choice in the box below the option.

4. You can go back and change your response to an earlier question at any time before you click the Done button on the final page. Press the Prev button at the bottom of the page to go back to an earlier page.

5% of survey complete.