Following a resolution of LMC England conference in November 2020 we are holding a vote of the GP profession on the Primary Care Network Directed Enhanced Service (PCN DES), which was introduced as part of the 5-year contract framework agreed by GPC England and NHS England in 2019.  Full details of the PCN DES are available on the BMA and NHS England websites.

If General Practice in England votes to provide a mandate on the PCN DES, GPC England will continue to negotiate amendments for the remaining three years of the agreement, including service specifications, further workforce expansion, details of the Investment and Impact Fund and how the access scheme funding can be used. 

If General Practice in England decides against giving a mandate for the PCN DES, GPC England will be unable to continue discussions with NHS England regarding the DES.  It will then be for NHSE England to decide how it wishes to proceed with arrangements for Primary Care Networks and the DES with its associated funding. This may include continuing to offer the DES to practices without GPC/BMA involvement in its continued development, transferring the DES requirements and associated funding to non-GP providers or removing some or all of the funding to be used elsewhere within the NHS.  

It is therefore extremely important that participants consider the potential implications and consequences of their vote.

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* 1. Prior to any further negotiations, extension or changes for 2021/22, do you give GPC England a mandate for the PCN Directed Enhanced Service?

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