2019 LTA Tennis Awards Nominations Form


The process will take about 15-20 minutes to complete, and you can nominate in as many categories as you wish. Please read the below information to help you write your nomination.

There are 10 categories: Lifetime Achievement; Volunteer; Young Person; Coach; Club; Official; Education; Disability; Communities and Parks & Competition and you can find the full criteria here.

You will be asked to provide both your details and the details of the nominee. Please ensure you have permission to share these details.

For each category, you will be asked three to four questions relating to the criteria, with an opportunity to add further information. Please include as much factual information as possible and assume the judging panel will not know the nominee.

We strongly advise you to draft your nomination offline (e.g. in a Word document) and paste into the nomination form later - this will avoid you needing to provide all the information all at once.

Please note that there is a word limit for each question and that you will not be able to partially complete a form and later return to it.

If you have any questions please email awards@lta.org.uk and we'll be happy to help.

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