Developing B2B Customer Management Capabilities – How Good Are You?

Your proposition is only as good as the capabilities of your people to develop and deliver it.

* 1. Take a look at this high level maturity model for Customer Management (CM) competencies and take a few minutes to map your own organisation by rating how much each statement describes your business:

  We don’t do this at all We do some of this but not consistently across the business We’re making company-wide progress Parts of the business do this and the rest is catching up We fully do this as described
We have a capability framework in place that lays out differentiated levels of CM competencies from 'foundation' through to 'expert' skills
Our capability & competency framework has been mapped to all appropriate roles within the business
We have used this framework to carry out detailed skills and competency gap analyses for all roles & levels
We have CM development plans for all staff to fill any competency gaps identified vs. the framework
We have allocated sufficient resources to support training and development solutions

* 2. Please provide your contact information if you would like any assistance with capability & competency development: