There is an urgent need for a strong evidence-base to inform education policy and practice in sub-Saharan AfricaHowever, important studies undertaken by researchers in Africa are not always easy to locate, and so are not drawn upon to inform policy and practice.

To address this gap and increase the visibility and impact of African education research, the REAL Centre at the University of Cambridge is working on a project to catalogue, review and synthesise policy- and practice-relevant education research conducted by researchers and institutions in Africa. As part of this exercise, we are consulting researchers and practitioners working in the field. We would be very grateful if you could assist in ensuring the comprehensiveness of the African Education Research Bibliography by completing the survey below.

* 1. Please enter your name.

* 2. Please enter your organisation and position.

* 3. In which thematic area/s of education do you work? Please list keywords (e.g. educational leadership, emergency education, pedagogy, school effectiveness research).

* 4. Which country, countries or territory in sub-Saharan Africa does your work cover?

* 5. Please identify specific institutions or organisations whose work should be included in the bibliography.

* 6. Please list specific studies which you think should be included in the African Education Research Bibliography. (Please provide reference details for each study, and/or a weblink, if available. You can copy-and-paste from your References in this section).

* 7. In your opinion, of the studies mentioned in (6), which are the three most important studies?

* 8. Please identify specific researchers whose work should be included in the bibliography.

* 9. Are you willing to be contacted for a follow-up discussion? If so, please leave contact details here.