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* 1. This survey only has one question, but perhaps in the future it will have more.

"The performance of no." -- Eunsong Kim.  (Can a survey have an epigraph?)

If you have pressed NO in the context of this poetry festival, please use the comment box to say more if you would like to.  

Your reflections will be collected in a nonhybrid text to accompany the instruction set you have just discarded, or skimmed, as part of Ecotone's Various Instructions Series.

If you would prefer that your contribution is not collected in this manner, please email me at

I myself recorded a NO, institutionally, and with my entire body.  This did not go well.

"To write you must refuse life."  This is a statement attributed to Marguerite Duras, but I never found it in any book. Also, I am not sure I want to refuse life any more.

That way of speaking about poetry no longer feels right.

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