This survey provides PR services and the general public the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the proposed PR organisational audit dataset.

National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP)

NACAP launched in March 2018 and combines the National COPD Audit Programme with the new asthma audits (adults and children). More information can be found at:

PR organisational audit

The snapshot PR organisational audit will take place been July 2019 and September 2019. 

Online PR organisational audit dataset consultation survey

The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that the questions, help notes and answer options for the PR organisational audit are readily collectable, clearly worded and unambiguous. We will therefore ask you to:
  • assess the comprehensibility of the questions and help notes, in particular if there is any ambiguity
  • assess whether the range of potential answer options are comprehensive
  • assess whether the information is collectable.
This consultation covers all dataset questions. You will be asked 1-3 set questions (depending on the answer given) for each dataset section with two additional questions at the end of the survey.

You should not complete this survey without referring to the draft PR organisational audit dataset which has been made available here for this consultation. We have not provided the answer options or helpnotes within the survey, so please refer to the full questions in the dataset when providing your feedback.

Privacy notice

Please make sure you read our privacy notice before taking part in this consultation which is available alongside the draft dataset here.

Question Title

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