Are you happy with the service you have received from the KGH Library Service?

Have we: -
*  Done something well or have we failed to do something to the standard you expected
*  Gone above and beyond the call of duty or were we slow and inefficient
*  Provided an excellent service or the worst service you have experienced from an NHS Library

We also wish to know if you have any other comments or suggestions on how we can improve any of our current services or provide a new service that would help you.

You could comment on: -
*  An issue with the library facilities (including a problem with one of our computers)
*  A training guide/leaflet that has helped or could do with improvement

You could suggest: -
*  An improvement to a service/facility
*  A new service you would like us to offer
*  Books (including non-medical) that might aid you with your NHS work

Please don't just discuss issues with your colleagues or keep them to yourself, let us know so we can put it right and improve.

There are separate pages for complaints, compliments, comments and suggestions please click NEXT until you are on the page you require and leave as much detail as possible.

Thank you
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