Help the Ready Friends project at RVA better understand befriending in Reading by completing our short survey...
What would we like to find out?
We would like to find out as much as possible about one-to-one befriending schemes so that we can continue our work to raise awareness, build resources and attract funding for befriending in Reading.

We would also like to find out about activities which aren't one-to-one, but which nevertheless include an element of befriending. Examples might include: lunch clubs, community cafés, day centres, trips, or supported activities such as gardening, singing or reading groups.

Befriending Networks defines befriending as:
- a service offered to people who are identified as having particular needs, usually involving social isolation...
- a relationship between a volunteer befriender and a befriendee (usually, but not always, one-to-one) which is initiated, supported and monitored by a voluntary or statutory agency.

How will we use this information?
Ready Friends has been set up to promote and encourage befriending throughout Reading and we will use the information gathered in this survey to support this aim. The survey is anonymous and information will not be linked to your email address (if supplied).

Find out more about Ready Friends:
Phone: 0118 9372 273

Many thanks for your help!
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