Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) are conducting a partnership survey on the Governance Framework as a first phase of a comprehensive consultation - you may wish to refer to the framework throughout this survey.  We are keen to explore if the current structures are organised in the best way to help maximise the contributions from all partners to help deliver GCPP ambitions and achieve greater impact.

We are keen to gather as much feedback as possible from all interested parties across a range of issues including;

- How we can maximise community involvement in Service Design & Delivery
- The need to achieve best value from partner engagement to deliver impact
- The need to clearly articulate the role and remit of each group within the structure and their linkages (avoiding duplication of effort)
- That the structure provides the right connectivity between local and city decision making, with both being able to influence and listen to the other
- The need to reflect the current reality of available resources across the partnership and to be bold when defining group membership
- The need to take account of the wider partnership groups operating at city and local levels
- The key role and membership for Elected Member participation to maximise impact

The survey will be open until Friday 6th July 2018.  Once this stage of consultation concludes GCPP will consider the results and seek further input on recommendations for improvements – this will take place during August.