1. Welcome to the Hate Crime and Prejudice Scotland survey

The Scottish Alliance Against Prejudice and hate Crime is a new coalition of organisations working to reduce, challenge and eradicate hate crime and prejudice across Scotland.

The coalition aims to collect, interpret and share knowledge and understanding of hate crime and prejudice to improve the national evidence base and build a cohesive picture of good practice in tackling it. We aim to analyse why specific interventions work to inform good practice in Scotland.

As part of this we are conducting a mapping exercise, which we invite you to participate in.

This mapping exercise aims to ensure that all organisations and institutions conducting prejudice reduction work are identified and represented to allow us to present a cohesive picture to policy makers and to support the standardisation of data collection to improve understanding of what is working across Scotland.

This is the sole intention of gathering the information you choose to provide.

We appreciate your input and support.