Welcome to "The Eating disorder Myth Buster Machine!"

My Name is Elle Payne and I am an artist, actress and eating disorder survivor.
Recovery for me has been a roller-coaster to a more freeing and nurturing life. But my goodness there is no denying the constant strength, resilience and courage to make it happen; every day is a conscious decision to stay in recovery. Long may it continue!

Having survived the grips of my eating disorder, I feel it is important to voice how damaging the stigma surrounding eating disorders can be to those suffering. There are comments and preconceptions that both society and the eating disorder world have. Such stigma and myths make seeking help, receiving help, and staying in recovery extremely challenging.

I have therefore decided to put together a quiz to debunk the myths that i once believed which made wanting to step in to recovery even more challenging.

Hopefully by spreading the word and challenging the stigma, it can raise awareness, whilst showing fellow eating disorder warriors that they needn't feel forced to conform to the stigma. That no matter what society and the eating disorder says, you very much need and deserve treatment!

Enjoy the quiz!

Peace and love

Elle Payne