This is how you order your Raspberry Pi Homework Computer

This quick form will help you to tell us exactly what you want in your Homework Computer.

We are an authorised supplier of Raspberry Pi technology.

Your Raspberry Pi will come with 2gb of RAM and an option of 16gb or 32gb or 64gb of storage. It has a 1.5ghz processor. It has all the power your son or daughter needs to run all their homework applications.

The Homework computer comes bundled with open license office applications (word processor, spreadsheet, 'powerpoint'). It also has email, web browser and can be connected through a LAN cable or WiFi. It is also Bluetooth compatible.

This short form helps us to identify the optional extras that you'd like.

When we receive your order we build as quickly as possible and we always aim to deliver within a week of your payment being received.

This is a not for profit venture that is a response to the COVID19 crisis. Our priority is to provide you with a reliable, high quality computer that will get your family learning on line.

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* 1. How do we get in touch with you?

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* 2. Choose your case

The three cases are Official Raspberry Pi [good quality, very cute, but can get hot with prolonged use - it has no fan], Deluxe Pi with fan [this case is aluminium and stays very cool with a built in fan too] or Retro Console [which looks like an old school console, is very cute and has a built in fan - doesn't stay as cool as the Deluxe metal case though]. My personal favourite is the Deluxe Pi but my son loves the retro console! - Phil

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* 3. Do you need a keyboard and mouse too?

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* 4. How much memory do you need?

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* 5. Do you want us to assemble it for you?

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* 6. How many computers do you want to order?

If you want more than one computer please state your preferences below clearly e.g. "Two computers - one official case, one deluxe, with two keyboard/mice". If you want more than three computers we will call you to ensure that we have the details of exactly what you need.

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* 7. Enter any additional preferences here:

When we receive your completed form we'll work out your total cost and then contact you with payment options. When you pay for your device we will immediately order the components for your device(s) and usually the delivery time is within three days to us (for parts) and we build and deliver to you inside seven days in most cases.

Our group works on a voluntary basis and accepts no payment for their work. This is a not for profit COVID-19 response to support children, young people and families in Cambridgeshire.

If you live outside Cambridgeshire please contact us if you need help. We don't ship internationally. We will ship outside of the county depending on the immediately levels of demand and need locally. 
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