Hello! We are your Student Union, and we’re here to make your time at Heriot-Watt the best it can be. When you enrol at Heriot-Watt you automatically become a member of the Union, which means you’re one of us, and we are proud to be keeping an eye out for you.

We help build the Heriot-Watt Community, even when times were tough. 

We also know that life isn’t always sunshine and roses. We listen to your problems, represent you and fight for you when something isn’t right.

Make sure you get to the end of the survey, as that's where we'll ask you for your details so we can enter you into our prize draw for a daily prize of £20 Amazon voucher or the big prize of £200 cash! (Don't worry, we won't use your personal details for anything other than this survey.)

Big love, your Student Union x
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Responses to this survey are anonymous. If you wish to be entered in to the prize draw (on completion of the survey) please enter your Student ID number (your H number). Your Student ID will only be used to indicate you wish to be entered into the prize draw, and to identify you if you are drawn as a winner. It will not be used in our analysis of the data from responses.

We ask for your demographic information (age, year of study etc) to help us understand the differences in responses across our entire membership. This information is really useful to us, but if you would prefer not to provide this information please use the “Not stated / Prefer not to say / other” options to answer these questions.

Any information you provide will only be used by Heriot-Watt University Student Union to help improve and monitor your satisfaction with our services. Your responses and your views will not be shared with anyone outside of Heriot-Watt University Student Union. A summary of responses may be shared with our partners (such as Heriot-Watt University) to help us demonstrate our progress and impact, or with partner institutions to help us to benchmark our progress against similar organisations in the sector. Some data about you may be collected indirectly when you complete this survey, such as your IP address. We use SurveyMonkey to manage our survey and they may store response information on servers outside of the UK. For further information on how we handle your privacy, please visit Hwunion.com/privacy.
Before starting, if you give us your Student ID number (your H number) we will enter you in to the daily prize draw to win a £20 Amazon voucher, and the prize draw at the end of the survey to win £200 cash!

Only responses that have completed the whole survey will be entered into the prize draw. Full T's & C's at www.hwunion.com/big-ask

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* 1. To enter the prize draw for completing the survey, please enter your Student Number (it usually begins with the letter H)

Please take your time to fill out the survey. We use SurveyMonkey's "Response Quality" filter which compares the differences between respondents based upon speed of answering, length of responses and answer patterns. Responses deemed as poor quality are removed from the survey - and we don't want you missing out on entering the prize draws!
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