Welcome to the first edition of our professional firms poll. We’re looking for quick responses to topical questions impacting the sector which we can then share with you.

If you have any suggestions for future poll questions please do share them with us. The results of this poll will be published shortly after the closing date.

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* Q1. This poll will cover wider issues facing professional firms but we may occasionally tailor this to various sub sectors. Therefore, please confirm which one of the following you are:

* Q2. Given the volatility of the political and economic environment and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, what do you believe the outlook is for the next 12 months?

* Q3. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing your firm?

* Q4. What areas of your business are you looking to change / implement to facilitate growth in your company?

* Q5. What role do you see disruptive technologies having on your fee earning capability or internal reporting functions in the next two / three years? Do you see this as being a key differentiator from your competitors and gaining you an advantage in the market place?

* Q6. Professional firms rely heavily on successful staff retention. However, it is becoming the norm for individuals to seek new challenges by changing jobs more frequently. What steps are you taking to reduce staff turnover?