Tell the Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board your views about what's needed

The Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board (Lambeth SAB) is a statutory board that coordinates safeguarding adults work in Lambeth. The Board has an Independent Chair and is a multi-agency partnership that includes a range of organisations.

We want to ensure that all residents and people who work with adults at risk in Lambeth know about safeguarding adults and know how to respond should they come across a concern. We do this by promoting and maintaining cohesive partnership working to safeguard adults at risk from harm.

The Board is not responsible for delivery of services, though those who plan and make decisions about services locally have representation at the Board and give the Board regular assurance on how services are delivered.

You can find out more about adult safeguarding here

Our strategic plan
The Care Act 2014 places statutory functions on the Board to publish a strategic plan. In 2020 we agreed an overarching plan for the three years from 2020/21 to 2022/23 to give us clear direction. Our key priorities for the next three years are:

  • Making Safeguarding Personal – adults at risk will feel listened to and have choice and control through the safeguarding journey
  • Working Together – Professionals, residents and service users will feel more confident by being better informed and engaged
  • Prevention and early action – Adults at risk will feel supported to feel safe. Professionals and residents will be able to recognise risk and know how to response.

We are now in the process of creating a targeted action plan which sets out in more detail how we will meet the objectives of the three-year plan over the next twelve months. We want your views to inform our final plan for the coming year. 

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* 1. Below are some of the key areas identified for our work-plan. Rank these priorities in order of importance to you:

  Not at all important Little importance No opinion Quite important Very important
Linking adult safeguarding work with that of crime and community safety teams and the safeguarding children partnership 
Addressing inequalities in adult safeguarding work
Strengthening links to Lambeth communities
Ensuring we use lessons from review processes to make positive changes to practice
Ensuring people have choice and control and in decision making 
Promoting adult safeguarding and what it means for people
Ensuring that organisations work together to safeguard adults at risk 

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* 2. Based on the current three year plan and the areas outlined above, are there any specific challenges you feel the Board should seek address?

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* 3. How many of the following Lambeth SAB outputs are you aware of? (Please tick all that apply)

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* 4. In the last year, how have you been informed of updates from the Lambeth SAB? (Please tick all that apply)