Welcome to the Broadland Futures Initiative Online Survey 2021

Thank you for taking part in our consultation. 

We want your views on how we can all manage future flood risk together. Your response to this survey will help us set the objectives for the Broadland Futures Initiative (BFI) strategy plan, and move towards the creation of a framework for future flood risk management to better cope with our changing climate.

By ‘Broadland’ we mean the plan area shown on the map below. It includes the Broads Authority Executive Area, low lying parts of Great Yarmouth, and the low sections of coast at Walcott and between Eccles to Winterton.

Your feedback will help us to understand:

-        Your priorities for the management of flood risk in the medium to long term future.

-        How our Broadland communities feel about the challenge of adapting to climate change.

-        What flood and coastal risk management measures and techniques we should explore further, so that our communities, economy and environment can continue to benefit from the appropriate level of flood risk management. 

You may find it useful to look around our virtual exhibition before completing the survey. You can do that by visiting https://broadlandfuturesinitiative.virtualeventspace.io/ the exhibition has lots of useful information, as well as links to the study reports on different topics that we have produced over the last year.

You can also visit our website (link below) for more information. 

If you are unable to access or complete this survey, please contact us at: info@broadland-futures.org.uk

Find out more about the Initiative by visiting: 
The following survey is in five sections:
  • Section One - Features of the Broadland Area. 
  • Section Two - Flood Risk and Climate Change
  • Section Three- Vision and Adaptation
  • Section Four - Decision Making and Funding
  • Section Five - About You

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