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This inquiry is being run by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Adoption and Permanence (APPGAP). The purpose of the inquiry is to unpack the impact and delivery of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) since its inception in 2015 and look forward to consider how its future can be secured and improved. This survey has been created by the secretariat to the group, which is being jointly provided by charities Home for Good and Adoption UK.

Thank you for being willing to engage with this inquiry. Please complete the survey below, skipping any questions that you feel are not relevant. This survey is designed for adult stakeholders aged 18 or over. If you are under 18, there is a separate survey for you to complete which can be found here.  

This survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Please ensure that you press the 'submit' button at the end of the survey to ensure your submission is complete.  

If you would prefer to complete a Word document version of this survey (to be returned to us by email or post), please contact info@appgap.org.uk

The deadline for written submissions is Wednesday 24th April at 12pm

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