Which course is the best fit for you as a starting point?

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100% of survey complete.

* 1. Do You Know How To Quickly add icons to the Quick Access Toolbar?

* 2. Do you know how to Apply and Remove lines to cells?

* 3. Have you had an Introduction to UNDERSTANDING FORMULA SYNTAX

* 4. Can you Print basic Data?

* 5. Do you know how to Select multiple rows and/or columns?

* 6. Do you Understand What The Various Cursor Shapes Mean?

* 7. Do you Fully understand the Excel Ribbon & Screen layout?

* 8. Can you: Highlight blocks of data quickly using the keyboard?

* 9. Can you easily Change column widths?

* 10. Do you know how to: Create simple mathematical formulas?

* 11. Do you know how to: Use the SUM Function?

* 12. Are you able to quickly use the undo and 'redo' functions?

* 13. Can you easily enter data and/or edit data on a spreadsheet?

* 14. Have you ever had an introduction to 'autofill' and it’s options?

* 15. Do you know how to format Text and Numbers?

* 16. Are you able to apply and remove shading, colour, and merging to cells?

* 17. Do you know how to easily Cut, Copy and Paste cells?

* 18. Do you know or use many keyboard shortcut keys?

* 19. Can you: Create, Save, Find and Open workbooks pretty easily?

* 20. Do you know how to Select/Highlight cells and/or groups of cells?

* 21. Do you know how to easily add or delete cells?

* 22. Do you know how to easily apply and/or remove colour to/from cells?

* 23. Can you easily change row heights?

* 24. Do you know how to merge and/or center cells on a spreadsheet?

* 25. Address