We are seeking views on the draft palliative medicine curriculum and implementation of this new curriculum in 2022. The purpose statement setting out the rationale, service and patient need for the curriculum, has been reviewed by the GMC’s curriculum oversight group (COG) and has received strategic approval from all four nations. In the new curriculum doctors will undertake dual training in internal medicine so they are equipped to manage patients with complex medical and palliative care needs across all care settings.

The palliative medicine specialty advisory committee (SAC), which is the national body reporting to JRCPTB that oversees the development and delivery of specialty training is working on models to deliver dual training in palliative medicine and internal medicine as part of the development of the new curriculum.

Trainees in palliative medicine will need to spend time in acute hospital settings to train and acquire internal medicine capabilities. We recognise that palliative medicine posts in hospices and other settings will need to be staffed. To that end, we are working with the other medical specialties to strongly recommend placements within a palliative medicine setting are developed, to ‘backfill’ palliative medicine trainees whilst they are doing internal medicine placements. We believe that this will actually result in exposure of a greater breadth of physician trainees to palliative medicine, which will improve this important aspect of patient care over the coming years.

The curriculum and implementation discussion paper are available for review on the specialty's webpage.

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