The BCI 20/20 Think Tank

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The BCI 20/20 Think Tank is the umbrella name for 20/20 Groups that have been set up worldwide. As a global organization, working in a global discipline, it is vital to get a global perspective. The three 20/20 Groups that exist so far are based in the United Kingdom, Australasia and the United States. Composed of leading thinkers and practitioners, the 20/20 Groups are in a unique position to shape the industry's direction of travel. Dynamic and forward looking, the 20/20 initative seeks to create influential ideas - an excellent opportunity to influence emerging business continuity and resilience practice. Through publications, events and workshops, the 20/20 Groups worldwide exercise thought leadership essential to bring our profession into the future.

David Thorp, Executive Director of the BCI, recently commented that "the 20/20 Groups are an integral part of the BCI’s aim to shape the future of our profession. This is a space to engage in provocative thought, play with ideas and engage with fellow experts. India holds so much potential in leading our profession and shaping future practice, and I’m counting on the India 20/20 Group to bring out those ideas worth spreading to the rest of the world."

We are now at an exciting stage of forming an India 20/20 Group with a formal launch expected later this year. We are now calling upon inspirational business continuity and resilience experts throughout India to be part of this Group. If the following describes you, we would like to hear from you!
Key skills required
1. Passion and time to do research-led work;
2. Ability to spot trends, connect the dots and draw correlations with the big picture;
3. Interdisciplinary expertise between industries, geographies and sectors;
4. Network of experts, contributors and resources which can be leveraged to raise research profile;
5. Strength in communication and use of latest media; and
6. Relevant experience in the domain or similar research led work.

The search for the India 20/20 Group members will close on the 30th of June, 2017. The first appointments are expected to be made around July 2017.

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