Social work education and training is evolving. How we train our social workers has been and always will be crucially important. The Practice Educator is a vital component of social work training, having responsibility for teaching, assessing and supervising social work students.

Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS) were designed by stakeholders in 2013 and have been central in ensuring that Practice Educators are consistently trained and skilled to do this important job. Following the closure of The College of Social Work, the PEPS have had no home. Now, with stakeholder agreement, BASW is keen to review these standards. We need your help.
BASW aims to obtain as wide a picture as possible of the use of PEPS. Your response will help us to look at what is working well and what may be needed. We ask that you give us your own experience and knowledge of PEPS by answering the following questions:

* 1. Which of the following best describes your organisation:

* 2. Is your employer part of a teaching partnership?

* 3. In which region of the country do you work:

* 4. Are you a:

* 5. What training is offered by your organisation to enable you to become a Practice Educator (PE)?

* 6. How is the Practice Educator training delivered?

* 7. Following successful completion of Practice Educator training can the PE receive academic credits (as part of the higher education accreditation process)?

* 8. How is the PE assessed to determine if they have met the PEPS?

* 9. Do you know if this assessment process is ‘standardised’ (the process is quality assured)?

* 10. Do PEs receive ongoing support and training to ensure they can fulfil their PEPS expectations?

* 11. From your own experience, do you think PEPS has -

  Yes No Not sure
Improved the overall quality of practice educators?
Improved the overall consistency in practice educators?
Improved the overall quality of practice placements used?

* 12. Are there any ways that you think PEPs could be improved?

* 13. Should PEPS be more closely aligned with today’s social work frameworks such as the PCF and KSSs?

* 14. Do you think that two stage model of PEPS is necessary?

* 15. What do you like about PEPS?

* 16. How do you think PEPS fits with your professional and organisational CPD processes and social work career frameworks?

* 17. Have you experienced any challenges with PEPS programmes, particularly during the current time of fast-paced change and increased government intervention in the social work profession?

* 18. How would you like to see PEPS delivered in the future?

* 19. Do you have any other points that you would like to raise?

* 20. Thank you very much for completing this survey. If you agree to be consulted further regarding the refresh of the PEPS please insert your email address here

Please distribute this survey throughout your networks so that we can gain the views of as many people as possible. This includes practice educators, social workers, student social workers, service user and carer representatives, providers of social work practice placements, HEIs and employers.
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