* The Piper on ArtMaps project enables members of the public to help The Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery pinpoint the locations of John Piper’s works and identify the viewpoints used by the artist through sending comments or uploading their own photographs or videos of the sites for publication on the ArtMaps platform. To understand how digital audience interact with ArtMaps, we are conducting this online engagement event, which will be followed by an optional online questionnaire, lasting roughly 10-20 minutes. The data collected through the study will be used in Cristina Locatelli’s doctoral thesis (more info here) and in conference papers, impact case studies and future academic publications.

* The data collected will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, namely in password-protected files kept on a password-protected drive in a secure facility and only for the duration for which it is required. It will only be accessible by those directly involved in the research. The data collected will be used to analyse participants’ experience in using the ArtMaps platform. The collated results will be used for publication in Cristina Locatelli's doctoral thesis, in academic conferences/journals and for future research. All data will be anonymised before publication. Publishing data will result in information becoming available through the internet to anyone who wishes to access it, probably in this case through the ACM library.

* Your participation in this online event and in the online questionnaire is completely voluntary, and you are free to withdraw from the Piper on ArtMaps study at any time during or after the event - up until the point of publication of research findings - for any reason without penalty. In this case all your data will be erased immediately. If you have any concerns and questions about the study, or wish to withdraw, please do not hesitate to bring this to attention of the researchers involved, during the event, or after by contacting: Cristina Locatelli at Cristina.Locatelli@Tate.org.uk

* Participant's Contact Details