Welcome to the 2016 Health Estate Journal Reader Survey

This survey seeks to gauge the views and opinions of HEJ’s readers on some of the key issues they face daily in healthcare facilities across the UK – from making the optimal case for capital funding, to how to reduce energy consumption and costs, and how to effectively tackle succession planning.

With many healthcare estates personnel facing an uphill struggle to secure funding for new equipment, or to make other much-needed improvements to their estates, how are today’s difficult economic conditions impacting on such professionals day-to-day?, how often – to be safe and effective – should core plant and equipment be replaced?, what is the reality?, and what are the biggest influencing factors when purchasing? Equally, how much of an impact is digital technology having on buying decisions and, in the light of the Carter Report, what measures have estates teams implemented to cut their energy bills and carbon emissions?

The survey’s aim is not simply to capture data for marketing; rather it is to coax out from a professional community which still often struggles to get its voice heard valuable information which can be shared, and will subsequently generate useful debate.

Do please take a few minutes to complete the survey. After having the responses professionally analysed, we will publish the findings in a bound report which will be widely available at this year’s Healthcare Estates show, and report on the survey results in both printed copies of HEJ and online from October. With your help we believe the results should make thought-provoking reading.