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Why are we consulting?
We'd like your views on our approach to developing liveable neighbourhoods in Bath and North East Somerset.
Liveable Neighbourhoods aim to create safer, healthier streets by promoting walking, cycling and public transport while reducing the dominance of vehicles in residential streets.  They are an important part of our plan to tackle the climate emergency and to improve health and wellbeing across the area.
We'd specifically like your views on three strategies that will help us to create liveable neighbourhoods, which we've summarised in our consultation summary brochure:  
It's important that you read the consultation summary and the strategies themselves before answering the survey.  See 'How to take part' below.

Once we've received your feedback, we'll develop a framework to help guide the identification, design and development of liveable neighbourhoods, working closely with local communities.  There will be more opportunities to engage with us over individual projects and areas in the near future.

This consultation closes on Wednesday 14 October 2020.

Who should take part?
Anyone can take part, in particular we'd like to hear from those who live in or run businesses/services in busy residential areas of B&NES.  Residents and interest groups may also wish to take part. 

How to take part
Please read the consultation summary and the relevant sections of the strategy documents (listed above) before taking the survey.  These documents are available at:

Data Protection
The responses to this consultation questionnaire are anonymous and no personal data will be taken.

Contact us
Due to Covid-19 restrictions we're not running any drop in events.  But you can submit any questions to the team via email to:

Completed surveys (print and online) must be submitted by Wednesday 14 October 2020.

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