*** Please read the Terms and Conditions below ***

You will need to accept these (at the bottom of this page) in order for us to process the application for instrumental/vocal tuition.

We have produced the Terms & Conditions detailed below to help you during your time with the Bath & North East Somerset Music Service. These apply only if you are registered directly with the music service for lessons and / or attend one of the music centres. They do not relate to tuition where payment is made to another body, i.e. your school or a music teacher direct. Please read them carefully and keep them for your future reference.
Payment for instrumental tuition, membership of bands, choirs, instrumental ensembles, orchestras and instrument hire is required termly. Invoices are sent at the beginning of term from the local authority finance department unless a request for assistance with fees is made. Payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to pay a term's fees may cancel any further tuition.
Please see www.banesmusiconline.co.uk for details of the fee structure.

Ensemble fees are waived for parents whose child is eligible for free school meals. Assistance is also available towards tuition costs in schools. In both cases a letter confirming eligibility or other document will need to be presented.
*Please note this does not include the Universal Infant Free School Meals and if your child does meet the criteria for Free School Meals the 50% discount will only be applied to one instrument

Lessons in schools are normally delivered as 30 sessions over the academic year, averaging 10 per term. Music Centre sessions are offered as per the calendar with dates given in newsletters, information packs and on the website.

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate a child, occasionally a place may not be immediately available when the application is submitted. In this case, the child’s name is added to a waiting list. Parents are notified when a place becomes available.

Credits are only given when no teaching is available and there is no alternative to make-up tuition. Credits cannot be considered if parents and pupils elect to miss sessions to take part in other events. Credits are not normally given for situations outside of our control (e.g. cancellation of music centre due to severe weather etc.). If possible, make-up sessions will be arranged, but cannot be guaranteed. If a pupil suffers long term illness, or a broken limb and four or more consecutive sessions are likely to be missed, please contact the music service office when either a credit (for a continuing pupil) or refund can be arranged.
A pupil is assumed to be continuing with lessons or ensemble membership unless notice of cancellation/withdrawal is given in writing.
Notice of at least half a double-term’s lessons* must be given via email. Emails must be sent to the Music Service office (email: music@bathnes.gov.uk) - DO NOT SEND TO YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL OR INSTRUMENTAL/VOCAL TUTOR. If the cancellation/withdrawal notice period is not covered by the invoice for that double-term, you will be separately invoiced for the appropriate number of lessons to make up the notice period (i.e. if notice is given after lesson 8 of 10 weekly lessons, an additional invoice for 3 lessons will be raised to cover the 5 lesson notice period).

Please contact music@bathnes.gov.uk if you require further clarification on this.

* For the purposes of B&NES Music Service 'half a double-term’s lessons' means:
- If you have booked 10 weekly lessons you need to give at least 5 lessons notice of cancellation/withdrawal.
- If you have booked 5 fortnightly lessons you need to give at least 3 lessons notice of cancellation/withdrawal.
- If, in your first double-term, lessons started mid-term, your instrumental/vocal tutor will advise how many lessons your child will receive (in the first term) - you must give at least half this number of lessons as the cancellation/withdrawal period (e.g. if your child will receive 6 weekly lessons, you must give at least 3 lessons notice)

For online lessons ONLY: In the event that there are technical issues that cannot be resolved, you can cancel online lessons after the first 2 sessions (these must be paid for). Please inform the Music Service Management team as they will try to resolve any technical issues. Online lesson cancellations made from the 3rd session will incur a charge for half a double-term's lessons as detailed above.

g) LESSONS AFFECTED BY COVID-19 (incl. bubble or student self-isolation)
B&NES Music Service recognises that there may be instances where pupils are unable to receive their lesson face to face due to school 'bubbles' or groups of students being required to self-isolate.

For all individual lesson pupils - B&NES Music Service Peripatetic Instrumental/Vocal tutors will try, where at all possible, to arrange for an online or re-scheduled lesson (or lessons) to take place but this cannot be guaranteed.  In this instance the lesson(s) will be registered as 'pupil absence' and counted in the number of lessons booked.

For group lesson pupils - B&NES Music Service cannot guarantee that these lessons will be re-scheduled/made up (as the face to face lesson may still take place with the other students in that group).  The affected lessons will be registered as 'pupil absence' and counted in the total number of lessons booked.
Parents are usually expected to provide instruments and accessories. The Music Service does not accept liability for loss or damage to any personal possessions. Parents are advised that instruments should be insured under an “all risks” policy. Some instruments can be hired through the Music Service dependent on availability. Please contact the office for further details.

In order to facilitate good communication between you and your child's instrumental/vocal tutor, we will share your preferred email address and contact phone number with your child's instrumental/vocal tutor.

Parents/students are required to inform the Music Service office of any changes or other relevant matters, e.g. change of contact details or change of school.


Parents and pupils are subject to all Terms & Conditions laid down by the Bath & North East Somerset Music Service. B&NES music service has the right to vary the Terms & Conditions without prior notification.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully.
Agreeing to these Terms & Conditions confirms to the Music Service that you have read and understood them and that you agree to abide by them.

Applications, withdrawals and queries relating to tuition and music centre activity should in the first instance be made to
B&NES Music Service c/o
Email: music@bathnes.gov.uk
Tel: 01225 395388
Web: www.banesmusiconline.co.uk

Please note: This phone number will only be monitored during school term time - you can contact the Music Service via the email address throughout the year.

Please also note that administrative staff are available term-time only.

Our privacy notice can be viewed using the link below:

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* 1. Please tick the appropriate box below to agree or decline the Terms and Conditions as detailed above (please note you will not be able to continue with the application if you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions).

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* 2. Please enter the full name of the student.

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* 3. Please enter the student's date of birth (please use the format DD/MM/YYYY).
Note: To change the year, once you have clicked in the date of birth box below, please click in the month & year bar (i.e. July 2020) at the top of the pop up window and this will allow you to choose year and month.


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* 5. If your child has previously had lessons on the same instrument, please enter the name of your child's instrumental / vocal tutor in the box below.

If this is a new application - please enter "New Application".

Please note: If you do not know the name of your child's tutor, please enter "Unknown", contact your child's school and then let us know via music@bathnes.gov.uk

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* 7. Please enter the student's Year Group and Class/Tutor Group Name (as of Sept 2021).

What will the cost be for tuition through B&NES Music Service?

The lesson fees are for both online or face to face lessons.

·      20 minutes Individual (weekly) for £119 for 10 lessons per double term (e.g. Terms 1&2) 
·      30 minutes Individual (weekly) for £178.50 for 10 lessons per double term (e.g. Terms 1&2)

My child's school used to organise the length of their lessons - what do I do - what happens next?

You will only be able to book one of the lesson length options (above).
You will receive an email from your child's tutor in which you can discuss and agree the lesson length and frequency (from the options above) that you would like your child to receive.

Are you offering group lessons?

We will be offering group lessons from Jan 2022 onwards.  This is to allow us to react to any changes in Government Guidelines at the beginning of next term and also to allow our Peripatetic Instrumental/Vocal Tutors time to work with their schools to identify suitable teaching room(s) for group lessons to take place and also adjust their teaching schedules.

If you would like your child/children to have group lessons, you will be able to choose this option below and we will contact you at the start of Term 1 to arrange this for Jan 2022.

How will Group Lessons work?

There will be a single cost for Group Lessons but the length of the lesson with change depending on the number of pupils in the group.  Please see below for the fees for group lessons.

- 2 Students in a Group will receive 20 mins lessons
- 3 or 4 Students in a Group will receive 30 mins lessons
- 5 or 6 Students in a Group will receive 45 mins lessons

All the group lessons are charged at £59.50 for a term of 10 lessons

What if my child is the only person in their school that wants group lessons or if there is not a suitable space for group lessons to take place?

If your child is the only one in their school that wants group lessons or if there is not a room/space big enough to safely run group lessons in, they will continue with the individual lessons that they start in Term 1.  We will contact you if another child applies for group lessons at your child’s school (or if a room/space becomes available) and you will have the choice to swap from individual to group lessons.

Question Title

* 8. Please confirm your preferred lesson type (please select ONE answer)
Note: group lessons can only be provided if there are other pupils in the school learning the same instrument at the same level who also wish to have group lessons

Question Title

* 9. Please choose your preferred lesson option from the list below (please select ONE answer).
Note: this is for the individual lessons which will start in Sept 2021.
Please refer to in item g) in the Terms & Conditions and the * below this question.

* In the event of a lockdown the Music Service will contact you to discuss the provision of instrumental/vocal lessons for your child.

Question Title

* 10. Please indicate below if you would like your child to receive group lessons where available
Please note: the availability of group lessons depends on other pupils in your child's school requesting group lessons, the school having a space suitable for group lessons to take place safely and other 'group' pupils being of a similar standard (to make group lessons effective).

Question Title

* 11. Please enter the contact details of the student's Parent/Carer.

If you have requested ONLINE TUITION (Q8 - Options 1 & 3) please read the following carefully:


In order that all tutors teach safely, B&NES Music Service will ensure that:

1.    Child Protection and Prevent training is kept up to date for all staff using the authorised Trainers and the B&NES online portal.
2.    A corridor of communication is available between MusicTutors.co.uk and the Music Service Managers for the portal during work hours.
3.    An emergency ‘phone line is available to all tutors whilst tuition is taking place (including evenings and weekends).
4.    Limited contact information by each parent and for each tutor (name and email address) is provided to MusicTutors.co.uk in order to set up the portal for tuition.
5.    Appropriate online video (where appropriate) and written support is provided to tutors and parents to create confidence in the use of the portal and online delivery.
6.    A pre-arranged lesson may be viewed and monitored (one per tutor) to provide Quality Assurance for customers (the monitoring form will be shared with the tutor before the event).
7.    A lesson can be viewed by the Music Service Management Team should a safeguarding issue arise (each lesson is recorded and can be reviewed).
8.    All communication between Parent and Tutor (on the MusicTutors portal) can be viewed by the Music Service Management Team should a safeguarding issue arise.
For online lessons to take place within the appropriate safeguarding measures, we need you to agree to working within the following standards. The parent/carer must agree to:

1.    Provide a device which has a screen, camera and online access.
Please see PDF document attached to application email “Prepare Your Device Parent User Notes” for further information on this.
2.    Provide a suitable environment for each lesson. This should be a quiet room, preferably with a blank background in the camera shot. A bedroom is not appropriate.
Please see PDF document attached to application email “B&NES Online Tuition Parent FAQs” for more information on this.
3.    Sign onto the portal to start each lesson promptly, at the agreed time and make visual contact with the tutor, assisting with set up where necessary.
4.    Remain in the house and reachable by the pupil during the entirety of every lesson.
5.    End each lesson promptly, at the agreed time.
6.    Use the message facility within the portal to contact the tutor where at all possible, rather than holding discussion during lesson time.
7.    Contact the Music Service Managers using the emergency ‘phone numbers provided during a lesson if they feel uncomfortable for any reason (the Music Service Managers reserve the right to drop in on a lesson via the appropriate video link should an emergency call be logged from either tutor or parent). Estelle: 07887 213463 / Tim: 07887 213464
8.    Contact the Music Service Managers via ‘phone or email if there is an on-going issue with tuition.
9.    Ensure that the pupil and all household members, who may be in camera shot, dress appropriately whilst the lessons are taking place. The pupil/parent should terminate the lesson if they feel that the tutor’s attire is inappropriate.
10.  Revert to face-to-face lessons once schools re-open. This will need to be a group or shared lesson if this was the lesson type received during terms 3 and 4.
11.  Commit to 10 lessons, per double term, once 2 trial lessons have been received (a charge for the trial lessons still applies)*

*see Terms & Conditions above for the exception to the charge for trial lessons.

Question Title

* 12. Where online lessons have been requested, I agree with the PARENT/CARER AGREEMENT FOR ONLINE TUITION as detailed above (please note: if you have requested face to face lessons only, please tick 'NO'):

Thank you for completing the application form for online Instrumental/Vocal lessons through B&NES Music Service for your child.

Clicking the button below will complete the application.

This message confirms that we have received your application (once you have clicked below) and will contact you once your application has been processed and the instrumental/vocal tutor has been informed.

If you have any urgent queries in relation to this application, please email music@bathnes.gov.uk or call 01225 395388

Please note: This phone number will only be monitored during school term time.