Thank you for undertaking our short questionnaire. There are nine questions in total (all tick boxes). Your responses are completely anonymous and are in no way linked to your application.

We would like you to answer the questions according to your own perception, rather than a label which may have been given to you. We have given you a comments box in each question so that you can tell us more or self-define.

We'd really like you to answer all the questions but for each question, we have given you the option not to answer.  If you'd prefer not to disclose that information, please tick 'Prefer not to say' rather than skipping the question.

We are collecting this information in line with our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, because we're committed to ensuring we do everything we can to support applications to our staff team from a diverse range of applicants.  The results of this survey will help us identify if there are areas we need to improve.  Thanks for your help.

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