The Investment Property Forum have commissioned research into the transition of the global real estate market to net zero carbon emissions. This study will look at existing net zero carbon frameworks, challenges in aligning the market with commitments made under these frameworks and key issues concerning sustainable real estate. The research aims to support investors, investment managers and administrators of net zero schemes/frameworks with information on how the international real estate sector is responding to the net zero agenda and highlight issues and challenges that this is creating by asset type, investment region and other factors.

We are seeking input from organisations and individuals who are involved in the real estate sector and will be impacted by net zero carbon frameworks and policies. The following survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. The information will be used to inform the research findings.

The research team would be grateful for your input which will be invaluable to the research.

If you have any questions on this IPF/Verco project please contact Adam Smith at Verco at Verco's Privacy Notice can be found here.
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