Patient Experience Survey - Name & Role on Hospital Theatre Caps

When a patient arrives in hospital for their operation or another procedure, they are often greeted by healthcare staff who are dressed in theatre clothing, known as 'scrubs', or they may be wearing other similar clothing. When more than two members of healthcare staff are wearing scrubs, it can be difficult for vulnerable and anxious patients to know who they are speaking to, and what role individual members of staff will play in their care.

A new initiative called the 'Theatre Cap Challenge' has been gaining popularity among some healthcare staff recently in a bid to improve patients' experience before, during and after an operation. The concept is simple: staff wear a theatre hat displaying their name and role in your care. This helps to inform patients of who is involved in their care and enables staff to build an early bond and connection with the people they are caring for.

We are a group of healthcare professionals trialing this initiative in various hospitals. We are interested in the views of patients, carers and members of the public in this new initiative and would like to invite you to share your thoughts in this short survey.  The results of this survey will be shared with the Patients Association and other relevant patient groups. General results will be made public but all individual views will be kept anonymous and confidential.

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Thank you for your time and participation in this project.

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* 1. Before we get started on the questions, tell us, do you work in healthcare yourself?

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* 11. Do you think there may be any other benefits from the name and role theatre caps initiative #TheatreCapChallenge?

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* 14. Please share any additional comments about this initiative.  Many thanks for your time.

If you're interested in other surveys and would like to have your say as a patient, you can join the Patients Association, an independent charity campaigning for improvements in care, here:
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