Parent Carer Consultation

This survey has been designed to gather Parent/Carer views on SEND provision for children and young people living in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

* 1. Are you a member of EYPCF?

* 2. Where do you live? Please tick

* 3. What is the age of the child or young person that you care for?

* 4. What type of Educational Setting is your child/young person currently in?

* 5. Which of the following categories best describes the primary need of your child or young person? Please tick one box only

* 6.  Which of the following categories  best describe your child or young person. Please tick all that apply

* 7. Has your child been identified as having a potential Special Educational Need or Disability SEND ?

* 8. Is your child receiving additional help in school

* 9. Does your child have a statement or EHCP?

* 10. Does the current range of services and provision meet the needs of

your child or young person?

* 11. Which Services do you currently receive?

* 12. Please select any services and provision that you think you will need in the future - tick all that apply.

* 13. Do you think there are gaps in current service provision?  Please tick area and comment.

* 14. How helpful is the Local Offer?

* 15. If your child/young person is aged 11years and above - Do you think that the current SEND provision fully prepares children and young people for adulthood e.g. Higher Education, Employment, Health, Independent Living etc.