* 1. Name

* 2. Year group

* 3. Ethinicity

* 4. I am challenged in most lessons

* 5. I have to work very hard to achieve my target grade

* 6. My teachers have very high expectations of me

* 7. I am making progress in my lessons

* 8. I take pride in my work

* 9. The teachers know how to help me to allow me to make progress

* 10. All subjects provide feedback on your work to enable you to improve it and make rapid progress. In which subjects was the feedback most useful?

* 11. Teachers provide support when I do not achieve my target grade

* 12. I know how I can improve in my subjects to achieve grade 8s and 9s (A – A*)

* 13. Please rate the following variables according to how important you feel they have been to your progress:

  Very important Quite important Not really important
Strong classroom management which creates a focused learning environment
Explicit feedback that tells you EXACTLY what to do to improve – not just what needs to be improved
Homework that you feel is useful to your progress
Pace/pitch of the lesson – positive high challenge, including how teacher ‘spins’ targets (positively, in a motivational way)
Being grouped by ability  - sets
Specific guidance on what and how to revise – in ‘do-able’ chunks
Teacher knowledge – exam technique
Teacher knowledge – subject knowledge
Teacher’s positive mood / humour / optimism
Teachers revisiting topics to embed learning
Teachers sharing scheme of work / termly plans / teaching pathway
Seating plan

* 14. Homework is set regularly and marked

* 15. Roughly how long do you spend on homework (not including revision) on average per week?

* 16. How helpful to your progress is homework in each of your subjects?

* 17. Do you feel you are expected to do little homework, about the right amount of homework or too much homework?

* 18. Do you feel homework assignments are too hard for you to complete?

* 19. In the past, if you have ever felt overloaded with homework, did you talk to the teacher?

* 20. My teachers encourage me to achieve and succeed

* 21. I have been encouraged by school to apply to the top universities as a long term goal

* 22. It is cool to achieve high grades in my school

* 23. High achievement is celebrated and valued by the school

* 24. Extra-curricular activities are available for me to take part in school which challenge me

* 25. Lessons are most effective when ...

* 26. Lessons are least effective when ...