Une enquête du Forum Européen sur le Chemsex
Исследование Европейского форума по химсексу

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Hello All, 
We hope you’re doing as well as possible during this pandemic. These are uncertain times and unchartered territory for us all and Coronavirus/Covid-19 will be impacting on us all in different ways.
On 23rd March 2020 @Winnie_Byanyima, Executive Director, UNAIDS said, in relation to the coronavirus pandemic: ‘Governments must look at HIV services as ones that are essential, that must be continued, and cannot be suspended as other services have been suspended, These include condoms, opioid substitution therapy, clean needles, syringes and PrEP’.
With this in mind, Nia and I were talking; we agreed we should ask you about what’s happening where you are. This is both to express solidarity with you during this difficult time and to enable us, as a group, to better understand conditions during this pandemic across WHO Europe. (Central Asia, Western, Central and Eastern Europe).
Therefore, we would like to know more about how Coronavirus/ Covid-19 and COVID-19 policies are impacting you, your organisations’ work (if relevant) and people engaging in chemsex in your communities and online. We have developed this short survey, which we would love you to complete.
This is a first step – information sharing. We are looking both for problems and also successful responses. We are especially keen to identify services which have managed to continue, reshape or expand their work during this crisis.
We will share your responses, anonymously if you prefer, with our 600+ colleagues on the Forum groups.io. We’ll also share key points (anonymously) from this survey to encourage attention and response with decision makers and organisations, including European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and AIDS Action Europe (AAE). EATG and AAE are currently surveying their members about COVID-19 and local HIV and hepatitis services.
You’ll also see at the end of the survey we encourage people to join a “review and react” team/s who will review your information and identify possible responses.
Like EATG and AAE we may revise and redistribute an additional survey to identify changes in local situations as the crisis continues.
Please complete and return the survey as soon as possible, at least by Tuesday, 21 April.

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, 
Nous espérons que vous allez du mieux possible durant cette période de pandémie. Nous vivons des moments incertains et naviguons parfois à vue, le nouveau Coronavirus/Covid-19 nous impactera toutes et tous de différentes manières. Le 23 mars 2020, Winny Byanyima, directrice exécutive de l’ONUSIDA déclarait à propos de cette pandémie de Coronavirus : “Les gouvernements doivent considérer les programmes de lutte contre le VIH comme étant des essentiels, devant être poursuivis ou ne pouvant être suspendus tels que l’ont été d’autres activités. Cela inclut également la distribution de préservatifs, les traitements de substitution aux opiacés, le matériel d’injection à usage unique ou encore la PrEP.”