The Annual Monitoring Return 2018

 The Annual Monitoring Return (AMR) is a key tool used by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (the Commission) to regulate charities after registration. 

The AMR enables the Commission to undertake important compliance checks, as well as collect information about charities, helping to identify issues of concern, either in specific charities or areas of broader risk across the charity sector. The AMR is also the source of much of the information displayed on the register of charities, a vital resource which the public, charity supporters, donors and others can use to find out more about charities.

The Commission’s basic compliance testing on AMRs submitted to date has shown that a significant number of charities fail to include pieces of information, which are legally required. The Commission proposes to change the current AMR to better support charity trustees in responding to all the questions and submitting the right information, in the right format. None of the proposed changes place new requirements upon charities, but are aimed at providing more assistance with annual reporting.

The updated AMR will apply to charities’ whose financial period start after 1 January 2018.

The Commission thanks you for taking the time to fill out our online survey, helping us to develop an accessible, clear and informative AMR 2018.

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