The Third Age Trust and U3A movement has been given an opportunity to respond to a House of Lords Inquiry. 

The House of Lords have said "The Life Beyond COVID Inquiry For its first inquiry, the COVID-19 Committee wants to look to the future and think about those things that, several years from now, will be (or should be) different than they would have been if the pandemic had not happened. That could be because of rules in place that mean we have to do things differently, or it could be because experiencing the pandemic has changed how we think or feel, or because the immediate impact that has been experienced is so strong that it has consequences for the long term. Information shared with the Committee will help build a picture of what people think the long-term implications of the pandemic might be." 

U3A Movement's CEO Sam Mauger said, "Many of you have contacted us about Covid and how it has impacted upon you. The Trust can respond to the Inquiry with the points that you feel should be included."

Below are the questions that they are gathering information about. Please could you respond to the questions by 15 September. We will collate the answers and send them in by the deadline of 18 September.  

Question Title

* 1. About you

Question Title

* 2. Do you think the pandemic has changed our priorities?

  • Has it changed the way you and your friends think about life?
  • Has it changed the way you think about society?
  • What do you care more about?
  • What do you care less about?

Question Title

* 3. It’s 2022: what is your life like? Is anything different because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • What does your home life look like?
  • What does your work like look like (if applicable)?
  • What does society look like?
  • What’s changed?
  • What’s stayed the same?

Question Title

* 4. What do you most hope changes for the better (over the next two to five years)?

  • What do you hope changes for the better in your home life?
  • What do you hope changes for your work life (if applicable)?
  • What do you hope changes for society?

Question Title

* 5. It’s 2025: has anything really changed since the pandemic? Or has everything gone back to how it was before?

  • What has changed for the better?
  • What has changed for the worse?
  • What’s gone back to how it was before?