The Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership is responsible for Health and Social Care Services in Midlothian.

This includes community health GPs, social care, support at home, day services and some hospital services. 
We write a Strategic Plan every three years to say what we are going to do to:
• Support people to stay healthy and well
• Make it easy for people to get health and social care
• Provide excellent quality care, treatment and support
This is your chance to say how we should Plan, Design and Deliver services for Autistic people over the next three years. It will also include actions that promote community living, learning, working and wellbeing.
What we will keep doing
The last plan covered 2019 to 2022. You can read it here. We will carry on with these actions for Autistic people: 
• Improve their Health.
• Improve opportunities when they leave school.
• Support people with Complex needs to live in Midlothian.
• Build new houses.
• Develop a range of new day services.

COVID changed how we provided services. We will think about what we will keep doing - this might be:
• Providing support and services nearer to home
• Providing support at different times
• Offering more things Online

Who makes the plan
The Midlothian Autism Strategy Group meet every two months.

They decide on the priorities and make the plans.
Expert Panels bring together experts in some of the main areas of our plans. They make recommendations to the Strategy Group.

Two Trumpets is Midlothian's Autism Strategy. The main themes are:
- individual opportunity
- flexible support
- imaginative communication

The full strategy and Midlothian Autism Supports can be accessed at Autism Ideas in Midlothian.
Here to Help 
You can ask Duncan from the Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership for help. 
Duncan 07551 401874

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