Arts and Culture Application 2020 - 2021
Please refer to the guidance available on the CPP Locality webpage at http://northayrshire.community/pb2020/39043/ to assist you in completing your application

If you need any support completing the application form please email participatorybudgeting@north-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01294 475900 we will pass on your details to the appropriate member of our team who can help.
Essential Criteria
1.    You must be a not for profit, individual, community group or organisation providing a service in, or of benefit to your Locality.

2.    Your application must be for activities/events/resources for one or more of the following 4 themes: Ideas which help to improve local life and community wellbeing, Ideas which link people up, Ideas which promote positive mental health and wellbeing, and Ideas which promote healthy and active communities

3.    You can apply for any amount up to £400 and you can also bid for less.

4.    You must be able to spend the funds within 12 months if successful.

5.    You must have any legal, permission and insurances required to carry out your project.

6.    You must allow your project to be used in any promotional material.

7.    Only one application per group will be considered per Locality.

8.    You must submit your application by 5pm on the 31st January 2021
Locality/ Arts and Culture PB Themes 20/21
1)Ideas which help to improve local life and community wellbeing: Projects that enable communities to have access to high quality cultural activities in their locality and which will increase access and participation.  Example of activity could include the development of new, locally available or online, quality arts experiences in music, dance, drama and arts workshops aimed at sections of the communities that may not traditionally engage in the arts. Providing opportunities for local people to work alongside professional artists. Develop an artist in residence programme. Putting on quality, accessible performances/visual arts events to the local community.

2) Ideas which link people upCreation of new / development of existing or existing platforms and resources with an arts and cultural focus that supports digital learning opportunities. Intergenerational, arts-based activities. Activities that use art forms to develop a sense of community belonging and civic pride
3) Ideas which promote positive mental health and well being :Projects which demonstrate the value and impact of the arts on individuals and communities which challenge health and wellbeing, social inclusion, and address developing new or existing skills.  Examples of activity could include activities that use expressive arts to explore feelings and emotions. Developing confidence and building capacity in artists to work towards an exhibition or performance. Art therapy. Targeted work in specific groups where engagement in the arts can support health and wellbeing journeys.
4) Ideas which promote healthy and active communities: Ideas that include activities that couple being active and the arts such as a photographic / film making project that involves walking / cycling whilst recording the local area. Opportunities for engagement in the outdoors to be inspired to write about the local area and feelings of the engagement with being outdoor and among nature. Creating mosaics / murals outdoor / public art installations that encourage being active or share positive, mental health messages. 

What will we not fund?

- Any political or religious activities (applications can be accepted from faith groups if they are for local community work).
- Routine maintenance or repairs.
- Routine running cost (salaries/ electricity/ rates/ rent/ insurance/ etc.) - unless in relation to COVID -19 recovery and renewal
- Applications from schools (these are the responsibility of the local authority). However, Parent Councils and Associations can apply for extra activities over and above the normal learning and teaching if they enhance and benefit the wider community.
- More than one application per group in the financial year (March – April).
- Private businesses
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