This survey is relevant to you if you work in or with the arts & cultural sector, whether you are employed full- or part-time; a freelance worker or self-employed; an owner-manager or partner; or derive an income from selling your own artistic products.

But to conduct the survey we need to ask you a very impertinent question. We need to know about your earnings in 2017/18, so that we can create an accurate picture of pay and income across the arts sector.

For the findings to be as useful as possible, we need to ask a series of very specific tick-box questions. But there is also an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and experiences of pay in the sector at the end of the survey. 

We understand that you might be concerned about sharing this information, but please be assured that the responses you provide are completely anonymous.

We will not record your IP address or your email address. Findings will be reported in aggregate and we will not isolate the responses of any one individual, though if you leave a comment, we may quote from it when reporting on the findings of this survey.

So to ensure your anonymity, please do not identify yourself or anyone else in any comments that you may wish to make during the survey.

You can read our privacy notice here.