Who or What is LE-TEC?
LE-TEC is an acronym for the Land-based Engineering Training and Education Committee which was formed by the manufacturers and dealers associations in conjunction with the Institution of Agricultural Engineers to act as a think tank for the industry. LE-TEC Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee

It is essential that the land-based engineering industry has a voice to ensure that government departments, awarding bodies and educational establishments understand and give consideration to the needs of industry as a whole. Additionally the LE-TEC committee is charged with raising the educational profile of the industry and career opportunities within it to ensure that the industry can attract future generations to choose a rewarding career within the industry.

In line with the objectives outlined above LE-TEC funded and facilitated the writing of the land-based engineering industry’s level 2 and level 3 apprenticeship standards using an industry representative working group. The resultant government approved apprenticeship standards have been delivered since 2017. As an act of due diligence following 3 years of delivery the LE-TEC board have reformed a new apprenticeship working group to embarked on a review of the standards.

The following survey is an important part of that process.

Why it is important that you take time to complete the following survey?
No single person, company, employer, sector or training provider can provide informed views that represent the whole of industry. It is therefore important that you have your say by completing this survey. It is only by collecting information from all sources that industry representative and relevant apprenticeship standards can be formulated.

Not having your say has the potential to leave the way open for other who perhaps have no perception of either your sector or business requirements to make decisions that are perhaps not in your best interests.

Thank you in advance in anticipation of your support
Data Protection and Confidentiality
Information gathered from this survey when collated will be used by the LE-TEC Apprenticeship Review Working Group to provide a better understanding of industry’s requirements.

LE-TEC will not at any time disclose specific company, organisations or respondents names and details directly related to information gathered from the survey. LE-TEC reserves the right to data collected and collated in a generic format which may be handed to departments within the Department for Education as industry reference data.

For details of LE-TEC’s data protect policy please visit

Please Note
Respondents to this survey are reminded that comment is required only on the land-based engineering apprenticeship Standards designated Service Engineer ST0242 (level 2) and Technician ST0243 (level 3) delivered in England only.

Any comments on the Framework apprenticeship currently delivered in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and previously in England are not relevant and will prove confusing to those reviewing the standards.
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