This Alopecia UK Service Directory Application Form is for businesses, operating in the UK, that provide a service that is relevant to those with alopecia.  This form will take you through the application step-by-step. You will be able to click forwards a page by using 'Next' or go back a page by clicking 'Previous'.  You will be able to do this until you click 'Done', on the final page, which will submit your application to us.
The service directory is currently suitable for businesses providing the following services:
-Wigs, hairpieces and hair systems
-Permanent make up (PMU)
-Scalp micropigmentation
-Camouflage products
-Lash & brow products
-Wig care products and accessories
-Wig styling services

Following completion of this application form and payment of the appropriate fee, you will receive a web page within the Alopecia UK website. 

This application has eight sections:
Please allow yourself 20 - 30 minutes to read through and complete this application.  Section 1-4 simply talks you through the options that are available to you.  Section 5-8 will require you to complete questions. 

To complete this form you will need:
- 150 words describing your company/business/service
- A banner photo* (landscape, ideally 1600px by 700px at screen resolution of 72dpi).
- 3 extras photos (if making use of this Add-On Option)

You may wish to prepare the above before you begin.  We recommend reading through Section 1-4 first.

*Some guidelines for your banner photo:
This can be your logo or another strong image that represents your service/business. Please note it will feature in amongst other services on an initial listings page when someone performs a search (so you want it to stand out). It will then also feature across the top of your individual page.

Application process steps:
Step 1:  Complete this form
Step 2: Alopecia UK will review applications on a weekly basis and acknowledge receipt.  You will then be invoiced based on your selections.
Step 3: Once payment has cleared in the Alopecia UK bank account for your invoice you will be added to the Alopecia UK Service Directory.  If you require any changes to your listing at any point, or wish to add further Add-On Options at a later date, you can email

This whole process may take a few weeks depending on how long it takes for your payment to reach us.
Please note:  The Service Directory year runs from 1st February to 31st January, no matter when a business joins.  Please bear this in mind if joining towards the end of a listing year.  You may wish to wait for a new year to begin.

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