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For the past 15 years, St Leger Homes has let local homes through Doncaster HomeChoice and manages around 20,000 properties on behalf of Doncaster Council.
Since the last changes to the Housing Allocations Policy in 2018, there has been a significant change in supply and demand which has affected access to housing for many local people.
We are currently reviewing this policy and want to make sure it meets the needs of Doncaster residents. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this survey and let us know your views on the 14 proposed additions to the Housing Allocations Policy. This survey will be open until the 31st August 2022.
A guide to our current Housing Allocations Policy can be found at https://www.doncasterhomechoice.co.uk/Data/Pub/PublicWebsite/ImageLibrary/Allocation%20booklet_PR%20(7).pdf
This survey will also ask some basic questions about you. This is to help us identify a range of views and allow us to compare the views of different types of people or groups. We will not use this information to identify any individual. Please see the link to our Privacy Notice: https://www.stlegerhomes.co.uk/about/data-protection-your-privacy-matters/privacy-notices/

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* 1. Amendment 1 - Include an incentive to help council tenants living in a family house larger than their needs, to move to a bungalow or flat and need help to move e.g. enhanced priority.

Why are we recommending this? To increase the number of family houses to re let as we do not have enough for this families in most need. To support our tenants into more affordable and suitable long term accommodation. Last year, (01/04/2021-31/03/22) we only had 321 council houses to re let in the whole of Doncaster.

What are your thoughts on amendment 1?

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* 2. Amendment 2 – Re let a very smaller number of family houses to those with lower needs.

Why are we recommending this? To create balanced and sustainable communities. To give people in lower bands a chance of being rehoused.

What are your thoughts on amendment 2?

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* 3. Amendment 3 – Consider larger families in a priority band, needing 4 bedroom or larger houses before applicants who only need 3 bedroom houses.

Why are we recommending this? Currently, people who are eligible for 3 bedroom houses can also bid on 4 bedroom houses. We have under 400 larger houses in our 20,000 housing stock and very limited numbers becoming empty to re let. There are less opportunities for larger families to be rehoused, so if they are in a priority band we should rehouse them first.

What are your thoughts on amendment 3?

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* 4. Amendment 4 – Collect more information when applying for housing to offer targeted support before being rehoused, to applicants who are at risk of tenancy failure e.g. due to affordability or previous tenancy failure.

Why are we recommending this? Stop tenants being set up to fail where there are concerns about their ability to afford or sustain a tenancy.

What are your thoughts on amendment 4?

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* 5. Amendment 5 – Award Platinum priority earlier to homeless applicants that we have assessed as only being able to afford council accommodation, who are vulnerable and homeless through no fault of their own.

 Why are we recommending this? To prevent delays in Platinum priority being awarded to these households, to increase their chances of being rehoused more quickly and reduce the length of stay in temporary accommodation where applicable. This is through an assessment process and not personal choice.

What are your thoughts on amendment 5?

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* 6. Amendment 6 – Restrict the number of applicants awarded Platinum priority who are moving from supported housing projects in Doncaster into independent living. Award this priority to those where we can nominate homeless people to fill their space. Remove the priority backdate currently given to these applicants.

Why are we recommending this? To open up the referral pathways into supported housing for single homeless cases. Remove the backdate of the priority effective date as this is to the detriment of a growing number of statutory homeless single people.

What are your thoughts on amendment 6?

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* 7. Amendment 7 – Make sure that the priority given to domestic abuse victims reflects the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

Why are we recommending this? We want to be consistent with good practice and legal requirements to support victims of domestic abuse who need to be rehoused. Be explicit in being compliant with the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

What are your thoughts on amendment 7?

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* 8. Amendment 8 – Change the way we prioritise people bidding on bungalows and age-designated flats advertised to 50+, 40+ or 30+, to band and effective priority date order to ensure we are rehousing people most in need.

Why are we recommending this? Currently, we prioritise applicants in age order before considering their level of housing need. We should prioritise applicants with an assessed housing need before people who are older than them.

What are your thoughts on amendment 8?

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* 9. Amendment 9 – Include separated/divorced partners of armed forces personnel in the current Platinum priority band if they have left forces accommodation in the last 5 years and have a housing need that they cannot resolve.

Why are we recommending this? To be explicit in meeting the recommendation to support families moving out of armed forces accommodation. Divorced and separated partners were previously not included.

What are your thoughts on amendment 9?

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* 10. Amendment 10 – Review the number of offers to applicants before they may lose their priority or, in the case of Bronze and General Band, may be suspended for 6 months.

·       1 offer for all homeless applicants (in all bands)

·       1 offer for all platinum applicants

·       2 offers for all gold applicants

·       3 offers for all other bands

Why are we recommending this? To be consistent on the number of offers to applicants given a priority band. To speed up the rehousing process and reduce the number of refusals.

What are your thoughts on amendment 10?

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* 11. Amendment 11 – Amend Doncaster Council’s Accessible Housing Register (AHR) policy to include a refusal penalty in line with the revised Housing Allocations policy (amendment 10).

Why are we recommending this? To be consistent with other applicants in priority bands. To reduce the time it takes to re let these properties.

What are your thoughts on amendment 11?

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* 12. Amendment 12 – Simplify the advertising and letting of low demand properties by promoting schemes we know are harder to let on our website to raise awareness and interest before we have a vacancy.

Why are we recommending this? To reduce the current administrative process and identify potential tenants more quickly. To ensure more transparency and provide more information on schemes to raise customer awareness.

What are your thoughts on amendment 12?

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* 13. Amendment 13 – Be clearer on where we reserve the right to not offer a property e.g. where there is a local lettings policy, a property is not medically suitable, we receive an unsatisfactory reference at confirmation stage etc.”

Why are we recommending this? To increase applicants’ understanding of the reasons why we may not continue with an offer of accommodation.

What are your thoughts on amendment 13?

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* 14. Amendment 14 – Include Doncaster Council’s right to suspend the Housing Register and Allocations Process to respond to an emergency situation / extraordinary circumstances.

Why are we recommending this? To be able to respond to emergency events that present overwhelming short term demand on available stock i.e. floods and the pandemic.

What are your thoughts on amendment 14?

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* 15. Is there anything you wish to add or clarify e.g. do you think we have missed something that should be added to Doncaster Council’s Housing Allocations Policy? If so, please explain below.

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