Welcome to Aldbury Traffic and Parking  Survey

Aldbury is experiencing increasing traffic and parking issues as a result of combination of:

More residents working from home
More cars per household
Increasing numbers of visitors

In response to concerns raised by residents, Aldbury Parish Council established a working group which has been in consultation with our County Councillor and Hertfordshire Highways personnel. This has identified a number of specific initiatives to address some of these concerns and safety issues. These are considered achievable in the short to medium term, subject to obtaining the required funding and authorisations. Aldbury Parish Council hope you will support these initiatives which will enable them to be progressed further and deliver safety improvements for the benefit of all.
The survey is in 4 sections:
Part 1: A potential 20mph speed limit
Part 2: Double yellow lines to control parking in 9 specific areas
Part 3: Other specific measures
Part 4: Your comments and Contact details

(It is easier to complete this survey on a tablet or PC rather than a smartphone)