Alconbury Community Questionnaire

Alconbury Parish Council has launched this community questionnaire to understand what you would like to see for the village over the coming years.  The results will inform the Alconbury Parish Plan, which will influence how the Parish Council spends its precept (the Council Tax money used to fund the Council), responds to planning permission applications and generally how the village can be best maintained.

This is your opportunity to have your say on the future of the village – from housing and development to transport, leisure facilities and beyond.

It is up to us, as a community, to decide what is important to us.

Results will be entirely anonymous and it is open to all residents of all ages - we just ask that you live in Alconbury.  We will ask you to choose your age range so we can understand who is completing the questionnaire and whether different generations are looking for different things.

The questionnaire is not limited to one per household – we are happy for everyone to complete their own.  Please only complete it once.  Printed, email and large print copies of the questionnaire are available from the Parish Council on request.

The Environment - This section covered facilities such as waste, recycling and the appearance of the village.

* 1. Do you think that the number of litter bins is sufficient around the village?

* 2. Is there anywhere that you would like to see an additional bin?

* 3. What do you think of local recycling facilities?

* 4. What could be improved?

* 5. What do you think could be done to improve the environment of Alconbury? (for example, tree preservation, planting, verge maintenance, grass cutting etc)

* 6. Following cuts being made by HDC and CCC, would you be happy for Alconbury Parish Council to consider using some of its precept (Council Tax money allocated to the Council) to pay for these?

* 7. Is your property at risk from flooding?

* 8. What action would you like to see taken to reduce the risk of flooding or manage it better if it does occur?

* 9. Any further comments regarding Alconbury’s environment:

Housing - including planning and facilities

* 10. Should more houses should be built in Alconbury?

* 11. Do you think the local infrastructure (schools, doctors, shops etc) could support more housing?

* 12. Do you think there is sufficient local affordable housing?

* 13. Do you think there is sufficient local sheltered housing?

* 14. Do you have concerns or questions regarding the Alconbury Weald development? If so, please state them here:

Leisure and Recreation

* 15. Please select those which you or members of your household use regularly:

* 16. What clubs/community groups do you/your family take part in?

* 17. Do you think there are enough facilities for younger people in the village?

* 18. How could recreation and leisure facilities be improved?

* 19. Do you think there are enough facilities for older people in the village?

* 20. What could be improved?

* 21. Any further comments regarding leisure and recreation in Alconbury:

Traffic and Transport

* 22. Please indicate which you regularly use:

* 23. Facilities for cyclists in Alconbury are:

* 24. The standard of public transport is:

* 25. The condition and maintenance of roads and footpaths in the village is:

* 26. What is the biggest traffic problem in the village:

* 27. Do you feel it is safe to cross the roads in Alconbury?

* 28. What do you think of the speed limits, road signs and road markings in the village?

* 29. Please list any concerns or questions you have regarding the A14 upgrade work:

* 30. How could we reduce the number of lorries coming through the village/turning around at the medieval bridge?

* 31. Any further comments on traffic / transport or any of the answers given above:

Essential Services

* 32. Do you feel safe from crime and antisocial behaviour in Alconbury?

* 33. How do you rate the service provided by the police in our parish?

* 34. Is your property covered by a neighbourhood watch scheme?

* 35. Would you like to join a neighbourhood watch scheme?

* 36. Do you have any comments about the local health services (doctor /pharmacy provision) or local education services (school / school buses etc):

* 37. Do you think the village has sufficient broadband provision/speed?

* 38. Any further comments regarding Alconbury’s essential services:

Parish Council

* 39. Do you feel you are kept informed of village and community issues?

* 40. What improvements would you like to see?

* 41. What would you like to see included on the Parish Council website?

* 42. How could you be better served by the Parish Council?

* 43. Do you feel that the village sufficiently commemorates those that have served in the armed forces (Memorial Hall / church memorial)?

* 44. Finally, do you enjoy living in Alconbury?

To finish, here are a few questions about you

* 45. Please choose the appropriate age category:

* 46. Please choose your occupational status:

* 47. How long have you lived in Alconbury?

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